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contoh proposal skripsi writting dengan menggunakan Text Procedure

Improving Students’ Writing Abilitiy Through Text Procedure
(An Experiment at Class 3 Students of MTSS Al Furqan Bambi)


1.      The Background of Study
Language as a main tool of communication is very important to learn. Language makes us easy to interaction each other. Because of it, many languages are used in the world. English as international language becomes a study which is forced to be learnt. It is not only used for communication but also used for keeping up with the development of technology and science. Many occupations need someone who has mastered English skills well. English has four skills; they are speaking, listening, reading, and writing. All of the skills are highly required.
Some countries use English as second language. For example, Malaysia and Singapore. In Indonesia, English as foreign language. Because of that, English becomes a difficult study to be learnt. People think that they do not need English to communicate in their daily activities because they can use their own language. For students, they only get a few times to learn or practice English in school. So, they are not interested and always be shy to use English.
For people who work in the typing house, they usually reject the typing about English. It causes they have to spell letter by letter every type it. So like that for students, they are lazy to write because what that they read is different with what that they have to write. They do not have enough vocabulary and they are afraid to make something wrong with the grammar, too. Therefore they think that writing is boring activity and it is uninteresting for them.
Referring to above condition, the writer believes that writing is a skill that needs extra works to be mastered. The purpose of teaching writing is to improve students’ ability to function effectively in such written context. Writing, for obvious reasons,  is one of the most visible products of education, and incorect usage and spelling havew been taken to be signs or a personal scholastic failure and an alleged widespread deterioration of writing ability and indication of inadequacies in whole scholl systems. So, it is not surprising that some countries or school system have begun to assess systematically the efficacy of the teaching and learning of writing (Takala, 1988:4). Writing plays an important role in which speaking can not to fulfill the communicative needs. Crimon (1983) said that writing is hard work. Therefore students need a lot of practices to apply their writing ability. Writing is an effective way to communicate and express our thoughts, feelings, and opinions to others. Writing has function to entertaining and making fun. There are a variety of ways to use writing in our everyday live. For example we can write about the cake receipt. Writing skill helps the learners gain independent, comprehensibility, fluency and creativity in writing. If learners have mastered these skills, they will be able to write so that not only they can read what they have written, but others speakers of that language can read and understand it.
As a teacher, teaching is not an easy job but it is necessary one and can be very rewarding when we see out students’ progress and know that we have helped to make it happen. Based on the concept and function of English as stated in the 2006 Competence-Based Curriculum which has similar principle with Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan (KTSP) for SMP/MTs, the teaching-learning of English has the purpose to develop four skills.
Many teachers are also strongly committed to invite students to participate effectively in writing situations. The teachers have some texts for help them in teaching writing. The texts are purposeful and patterned to serve writer purpose. Each texts type has different social function, general structure, and language feature. There are many kinds of text that are studied in junior high school students, namely narrative, descriptive, recount, report, and procedure.
The study will be focused on writing a procedure text which one of the materials in English lesson for SMP/MTs especially on the third year students. Procedure is one of text that is to help the readers how to do, use, or make something completely. Sometimes, the students create the procedure text without care about the generic structure specifically. They also get problem in using imperative verb and temporal conjunction. So, the result of learning procedure text is not optimal.
Finally, based on the writer experiment and observation, the writer chooses MTsS Al Furqan Bambi to conduct the research. I would like to take this school because most of learners at MTsS Al Furqan Bambi are lazy to learn English especially writing. To solve the problem, the writer chooses the title to help the learners “IMPROVING STUDENTS’ WRITING SKILL THROUGH TEXT PROCEDURE” (An Experiment at class 3 Students of MTsS Al Furqan Bambi)
2.      The Problem of Study
Based on the background above, so the researcher can formulate the problem in this research as follow:
·         Could procedure text improve students’ writing skill?

3.      The Hypothesis of Study
Hypothesis is a guiding idea, statement of possibilities, and searches the relevant data and other consideration and predicts the certain result.
In every research it is necessary to formulate the certain hypothesis, because according to Helt and Good (1952:73) the formulation of the hypothesis is a central step in good research and it is important to give a great deal of thought.
The hypothesis of this study can be formulated as follow the student taught by writing a procedure text improves their ability in English writing skill to those who are taught not procedure text.
4.      The Purpose of The Study
This study is carried out in order that the author gets more information about how to teach writing with a proper way or method. The result of the research can be used as input in English teaching-learning process, especially in teaching writing procedure text.  The result of the research can be used as the reference for those who want to conduct a research in English teaching-learning process. In Practical Benefit, the writer hopes that the result of this research will be useful for teachers of readers, in order that they can use it in the teaching learning process, to make the students more interested in studying English.
. The research has several purposes for teacher and students. Students are more interested to write and get more ideas to develop their ideas. For teacher, they are easier to get procedure text on magazine, newspaper, or magazine to help them in teaching and learning.
  1. Scope of the Study
A limitation for the scope of the study is about writing skill. The writer limited for the second years at MTsS Al Furqan Bambi. The class is IX.A and IX.B in order to mastering writing skill especially for their grammar and vocabulary in teaching writing to improve students’ writing ability on procedure text. It will be know when we use pre-test and post-test.

  1. Population and Sample
The population of this research is all of the third year students of junior high school at MTsS Al Furqan Bambi which consist of 67 students in two classes.

6.2.                             Sample
The writer will choose two classes as a sample for the experimental class and control class. VIIIB as an experimental class that the number of students are 33 students . VIIIA as a control class that the number of students are 34 students. To represent this large number of population, students of class were taken as the sample. The research samples were used purposive sampling. The purpose of this sampling technique was to made the researcher easy in reaching the result of improving students’ writing ability through text procedure in experimental class whether it is effective or not after applying this text. It was useful in order to measure the students achievement of the subject given.
7.      Methods
·         Writing
Writing is an activity to express ideas, issues, events, filling, or thinking through written form. A definition of writing suggest by John (1967:221) as a visual ability that important to the individual only when wish to communicate on paper.
·         Procedure
A procedure text is a text to inform someone how to make, to do, or to use something.
7.1.       Experimental Study
This study under experimental teaching method. So, it is needed on experimental class. To the Experimental Class the writer use the procedure text and real things media in learning process. Whereas to the control class, the writer taught them based on method that commonly applied by their teacher as text book.
7.2.                             Treatment
In this section, the writer use the topic about procedure text by using pictures on experimental class. The way of this text is showing some pictures to make something. The students write procedure text based on steps of the picture. Whereas to control class, the writer taught them without procedure text and pictures. She taught based on methode their teacher commonly applied in learning process.
7.3.                             Manipulation
The last step on the lesson, the writer asked some questions to find out how far they understood about writing. Then, the writer found that the studentn can use the pattern such as pour the hot water ( V1 + O ). So, the use procedure text in writing learning can develop students’ speaking ability and it is a good alternative way in learning process.
8.      The Organization of the Study
This thesis consists of five chapters:
·         Chapter one is introduction that include the background of study, the problem of the study, the aim of study, the significant of the study, the research question and hypothesis, operational definition, the scope of study, and the organization of study;
·         Chapter two will explain about literature preview consists of introduction of daily activities writing, showing picture, explanation of grammar;
·         Chapter three is about methodology that consists of the location of the research, populations of sample, the research methodology;
·         Chapter four is about data processing; and
·         Chapter five is consists of conclusion and suggestion.

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